Do You Want to Make Peace with the Past
and Enjoy Serenity in Your Future?

We all want to be loved and to give love — but love can inflict lasting wounds. Is the possibility of joy worth the risk of devastation?

Avalon Sequoia Brandt says yes in her unflinching memoir Still I Love. Readers resonate with Brandt’s personal journey as she explores the choices, chances, and compromises that love demands.

This passionate, sensitive love story will bring tears to your eyes and courage to your heart. Let Still I Love support you in conquering pain and restoring belief in the miracle of eternal love.

Marriage is a marvelous institution that can be a tremendous blessing for two persons committed to their love. Much of our thinking about good marriage has been fashioned by icons of marital bliss. For years people of faith hoped that their beliefs would protect them from problems. But what if couples, for one reason of another, taste the bitter cup of divorce? Religious institutions may not provide the level of support and assistance necessary. It is into this void that Avalon comes with a fresh word about love and real marriages.

By Bishop Walter S. Thomas, Jr.